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Summery Projects

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Infinite Cables

It’s been a busy summer with LOTS of events going on so knitterly projects have been attended to in fits and starts.  I started to swatch a cable and found that I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t stop…


It is still on the needles and I am trying to decide whether to simply sew the ends together and turn it into a headband for the winter or to pick up the stitches on one side of the band and to make it into a hat.  No doubt I will make a choice when the bad weather comes in.

Hata Shéamuis


This is Hata Shéamuis (pronounced Hata Hamish).  It comes under my ‘auto pilot’ knitting category.  I spent a long time in a waiting room recently and had the forethought to bring a couple of balls of wool and some needles with me.  The bulk of the hat was knitted at this time and by the end of my visit I had managed to get up to the decreases. Two different types of wool were used.  The darker one, which looks almost blue in this picture but is actually an emerald green, is Donegal Tweed and the multicoloured yarn is from Katia.  The hat was knitted on a 5 mm circular needle.


Albie’s Eye Alert


Poor old Albs got another eye infection.  I went to the local vet and was given two bottles of eye ointments…to be administered an hour apart.  Now anybody who knows alpacas will understand that you might be able to fool them once with a bit of extra grub to get them into a pen, allowing the squeezing of eye drops to take place, but there is no way that they’re going to fall for that trick 60 minutes later.  With this knowledge I decided to leave Albs in the pen while I had a spot of lunch…..Forty five minutes later I returned to an empty pen.  Albs had crushed the sheep wire and had leapt over it.  I could spy him at the bottom of the back field but I knew that no more medical intervention was going to take place that afternoon.  Miraculously the following day the eye had all cleared up.  This was amazing and quite a relief as the vet had said that if he didn’t recover he would have to go to UCD in Dublin  All is well thankfully and the eye problem was less serious than I’d expected.

Peg Weaving


Last Sunday my mother and I had the joy of going a long to the Irish Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers’ meeting in The Constant Knitter in Francis Street in Dublin.  Here we met lots of interesting women with their various wheels, spindles and table looms.  It was a wonderful opportunity to share both experiences and information about yarn and fabric- making issues in a really relaxed and supportive environment.  As we were the only people who’d arrived sans projet we were introduced to peg weaving and were really taken with it.  Merely the idea of looping a warp to the bottom of small sticks seems remarkable to me and it was just such an easy way of making a braid or a belt.  It would also be a great way of introducing children to weaving.


Private Spinning Fest


Earlier in the summer I arrived in Bristol with LOTS of fleece with the expectation that I would have it spun up and ready to knit.  What I hadn’t banked on was leaving all of the bobbins in Ireland and as a consequence no spinning occurred.  This gave me the opportunity when I returned to Ireland to card even more fleece which, given the beautiful weather we had, was no hardship.  Last week I returned to Bristol, laden with plenty of Bootsy’s gorgeous carded fleece and plenty of bobbins.  14022183_314004035611903_2940642724327335998_n

This is my current project…and given the rainy conditions outside there’s no better place to be other than in the lounge chatting and spinning.  Perfect!




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I live in a small cottage in rural Ireland with my family. We care for two lively alpacas and two sedentary cats. I love all things "textile" but particularly knitting aran patterns and spinning my alpaca's wool.

One thought on “Summery Projects

  1. Love the long cable swatch. Brings to mind a pattern by Louisa Harding called Distraction (from her book Dream Catcher), where a strip of cable is used at the top of a slipover, around the shoulders. The neckline is off the shoulder… If that makes any sense..? Think country wench serving beer in a pub! If you wanted to be more adventurous than a hat or headband, it could work at the bottom edge of a jumper.. but I like the hat idea too 🙂

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