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Ho Ho Ho


Wow what a busy and industrious time of year this is.  I can sit back and say that now having come through the madness of the run up to Christmas and the actual day itself.   A great time of year to eat, drink and think…

The Aran Special

About a month ago I purchased a large amount of Aran wool from the Blarney Woollen Mills and I have been experimenting with it on and off since I got it.  The best experiment was this hat: 1935660_1683698675248813_7157555390564601111_n

I interspersed moss stitch with a family tree design which I tried to keep going as long as possible by only decreasing at either end of the moss stitch panels.  This actually worked really well and allowed the hat to taper in nicely with a lovely dome shape while reducing the number of branches slightly on the final trees at the top.  I felt that it still needed a little something more so I plaited six strands of wool and added a tassel to give the hat a bit of extra style.


Knitting the hat was tremendous fun but when considering the transfer of these stitches to a pullover I must say that I hesitate with the family tree design.  As I knitted the hat on a circular needle (yippee I actually managed it) it was easy to see the design work in front of me all of the time and therefore not make any mistakes but if I use two needles for a jumper I would need my wits about me on the wrong side rows.

This has led me to what I call doodling with wool.  Over much of the Christmas period I have been just playing around with needles and wool trying out stitches, ripping out, and further experimenting.  It’s all very interesting stuff while watching little of substance on the telly and waiting for the rain to stop.


I have also been studying images and patterns of your typical Aran jumper which is extremely busy with designs and I’m veering away from the pattern overload in favour of something more simple.  Still working it out …will get there ..eventually.



Author: woolmakerlane

I live in a small cottage in rural Ireland with my family. We care for two lively alpacas and two sedentary cats. I love all things "textile" but particularly knitting aran patterns and spinning my alpaca's wool.

2 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho

  1. Like that expression “doodling with wool” – somehow suits yarn (maybe cos it sounds like noodles!) The family tree design is interesting. Well done for mastering the circular needles, something I wimp out of doing, I must say..

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