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Our two alpacas have very different temperaments.  Both of them love to eat but Albie, who is usually the laid back take it easy kind of a fella, is a serious muncher.  Bootsy, by comparison, can be quite anxious at times giving us a display of how far he can spit, usually at poor Albs.  This makes meal times rather interesting.  We’re feeding the animals Lamb Crunch at the moment and the alpacas love it.  Albie adores it and would win the Grand National with the speed at which he runs for his food.  Bootsy arrives somewhat late for dinner often to find that his bowl is empty or near to it due to the fact that his companion has been there already.  In the summertime, when there is plenty of nutritious grass around, Bootsy doesn’t care so much about missing out but winter time is another story and that’s when the rows start.   Then we have to be vigilant and stand over him almost to make sure that Albie doesn’t take over.  We also feed the animals haylage which we purchase in the local farm stores.  This is like hay but it has a higher moisture content as it is baled and bagged soon after it has been cut in the fields.  We don’t need to give the animals any haylage at the moment though as the grass is so plentiful for them.

Most of the time our two chaps get on very well together.  They were born within days of each other and have never been separated but now and then mealtimes can be fraught occasions.

Author: woolmakerlane

I live in a small cottage in rural Ireland with my family. We care for two lively alpacas and two sedentary cats. I love all things "textile" but particularly knitting aran patterns and spinning my alpaca's wool.

One thought on “Dinnertime

  1. Funny, I have two cats, brothers, who are exactly as you describe these fellas, one laid back and hungry, the other skittish and slim. They really do seem to be born with distinct personalities.


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